rover repair nyc paint and body shop


From scratches to dents to major impacts, the craftsmen at Rover Repair NYC by Sports & Classics use their knowledge, experience and precision equipment to bring renewed life and luster to the interior and exterior of every motor car.

Body repair specialists focus on every detail in every job they undertake. Paint and body craftsmen ensure that every motor car leaving Sports & Classics exterior finishing shops is a work of art.

Precision body painting is done in an airtight, dust-free environment using high-tech spray paint booth technology with infrared drying. Rover Repair NYC by Sports & Classics maintains a vast data base of paint formulas, colors and hues that includes every paint formula ever utilized. Exterior paint coats are matched with the use of a color analyzer, with two gallons of different tints and colors that are identically matched to one, one-hundredth of a gram.

The craftsmen at Rover Repair NYC by Sports & Classics settle for nothing short or perfection.