rover repair nyc vehichle repair


Lube, Oil and Filter Change Service

• Change engine oil and replace oil filter
• Fill crankcase with Mobil drive clean engine oil
• Inspect and lubricate throttle linkage, door latches, hood latches and trunk latch
• Check and correct fluid level
• 27 point vehicle inspection

Tire Care

• Check and correct air pressure in tires
• Check spare tire
• Check for uneven wear
• Correct tire size and speed rating

Car Battery and Electrical Test

• Battery life measurement and pre-failure detection
• Diagnostic test of electrical system

Power Steering

• Full power steering system diagnostic
• Leak detection and replacement of seals
• Power steering fluid system flush
• Power steering fluid level check and fill

Brake System

• Complete brake system diagnostic
• Brake fluid level check and fill
• Brake system clean and fluid flush
• Check all seals and hoses

Cooling System

• Check and correct coolant level
• Flush and replace cooling system fluid
• Service item


• Check and correct transmission fluid level
• Transmission system flush

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